Become an ACT Youth Member

Students (aged between 18–25) can become a financial ACT member for 1 years for only $5.

Large Donations

If you are donating more than $1,000, please consider donating directly into our bank account (ACT New Zealand, ANZ Newmarket, 01-0102-0670937-00). This allows more of your donation to go directly to ACT, rather than to our payment processor.

However, if donating via bank transfer, please be aware that the Electoral Act prohibits us from receiving anonymous donations of more than $1,500. Any excess must either be returned or forfeited to the Crown. Therefore, if you are donating more than $1,500 and we do not already have your details on file, please supply us with your personal details by emailing [email protected]. Unless you meet the conditions below, your personal details will not be disclosed.

Disclosure Rules

The Electoral Act requires us to disclose the identity of any entity (person, company, trust etc) that donates over $5,000. This threshold applies to both

  1. any one-off donation, and
  2. cumulative donations and contributions.

Should you donate more than $20,000 from 1 January of an election year and the day before election day we must disclose these donations within 10 working days of receipt.

Overseas Donations

If you are an overseas person then the maximum donation that we can receive from you is $50. Overseas persons are those who are not resident in New Zealand, except New Zealand citizens and those enrolled to vote in New Zealand. If your donation is more than $50 and you are an overseas person (as that term is defined in section 207K of the Electoral Act) then the amount of your donation that exceeds $50 must be returned to you. If we cannot return it to you, then the amount will be forfeited to the Crown.

Your contribution

The minimum contribution to become an ACT Youth Member is $5.00. However, if you wish to contribute more to the party, please do. We appreciate any support you can give.

Your information

Your payment details

Contributions are not tax deductible.

I confirm that I am 18 years of age or over and I am eligible to be an elector.